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Do your kids never stop talking about The Greatest Showman?? Well your in luck!


WINGS are now doing Kids Aerial Hoop classes this 2019.


Classes will run from 6pm-7pm Wednesdays.


These classes are course bookings only and will run every 4 weeks at a cost of £60 (£15/class).


With 2 instructors the children will learn 3-4 moves/tricks on a hoop suspended in the air gradually working towards a routine/dance.


Please note Aerial Hoop requires a certain amount of strength to mount the hoop. Therefore classes are for ages 8+.

We will accept slightly younger if they have an advanced background in dance or gymnastics.


To reserve your place on the course please fill out the following information and either use the form on the right with the following details or private message to us on Facebook or alternatively email hazel_edmondson@live.co.uk


Parents Full Name:

Childs Full Name:


Contact email:

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We have previously said we will only accept 8+ yr olds, unless the student has had previous gymnastic or dance experience, due to the height of the hoops and the nature of the class and the amount of strength needed to lift yourself onto the hoop. Please make note if this is the case.







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